God Save people from Bangalore traffic

October 30, 2007

Recently had been to chennai for some project discussions .Distance between Bangalore and chennai is approximately around 257 km . It took me around 20 minutes to chennai by flight . Airport to house is approximately around 20 km . You may be surprised to know that it took around 2hrs 30 minutes by taxi. I took taxi at around 5:35 pm and reached home at around 8:00 pm .Over and above i have to hear this Taxi drivers gyan (who always drives on wrong lane :-)) complaining about people not following traffic rules .I fear this infrastructure will never improve for next few generation .I pity all those people who commute on Airport road everyday .Bangalore Infrastructure improvement shows me no great improvement in near future. God Save people from Bangalore traffic


Sense of Satisfaction

October 9, 2007

Today was really exhilarated .Guess Why ? .After almost 1.5 years of hard work finally am able to see a product with our SOC (System on Chip). More over few team which worked to make this SOC were rewarded a player for the contribution. Though its not a great product from the feature list what you could see in any other commercially available device in market ,it provides a sense of satisfaction that after years am able to see the product for which core has been developed by us .Only people who would have worked in Product Domain could understand what it means in seeing a product for which you write the software .Ball has really started rolling ……….Wish we make Big Business out of this …

Experience of Embedded System Conference

October 6, 2007

Three days back there was Embedded System Conference(Oct 4th to 6th) happening in Bangalore @ Nimhans Convention Centre .Lot of Big Giants in Embedded Domain had been presented over there presenting the latest technology trend and future Market Segment for various Technology more focusing on Embedded Domain .Fortunately/(Un) fortunately i had to represent NXP through work what has been done in our group.

Gyan from Raghu :

This is what i used to give my standard set of lines about our project.The Nexperiaβ„’ PNX0103 is a highly integrated System on Chip (SoC) for compressed audio and simple multimedia applications that are using NAND flash as storage media.USP of this SOC would be Low Power ,Excellent Audio Quality and High Performance.

Here are few things which i really cherish till now

Instance 1 : Google PNX0103

Prof : After my Gyan ,One professor comes to me can i have a brochure for the SOC what has been delivered in market.

Raghu : Sir we being eco friendly we do not intend to waste paper taking printouts .In google query for PNX0103 u find everything about our product.

Prof : If i have to find everything on google why would i come here to see you product.

Summary : Using too much Innovation(Eco Friendly) may back fire .

Instance 2 : Can Gifts Attract Crowd πŸ™‚

After sometime we decided that we can giveaway few gifts like keychain and pens to attract more crowd and bring in more brand conscious of NXP.One lady comes to me from no where and says can i have the brochure for NXP .I felt sooo happy that somebody is really interested and after i give her the Brochure and key chain .She comes back to me and says can i have one more key chain πŸ™‚ .I really felt very bad.

Summary : Have Quality Crowd ,Not Quantity of Crowded people (through Gifts) who i felt were of no value addition

Instance 3 : Me ,Bijo and Abhay Chocolate Story

After few lecture session i started feeling very thirsty and i see in one stall where they were giving chocolates .I decided to go to that stall only for chocolates .My friends wanted to show their false interests that they wanted to know something about the technology they were into and one person gave a real Big Lecture πŸ™‚

Summary : Sometimes its better to be honest in things like expressing what you are not interested in. Else i will not only be wasting my time but also other individual time.

Instance 4 : Consultant Visiting our stall .

Here come one guy who has some set of requirement list from various Industry.

Consultant : Sir what is this product u have all about .(This is standard one line question)

Exhibitors : After giving all gyan about their products

Consultant : He drops in his visiting card and says sir i have an exact requirement matching you profile πŸ™‚ .

Summary : Whats nonsense for me ,is Business for the other person πŸ™‚

Instance 5 : People always look at things that are not their

Most people who come to the stall would always look for what is not their rather than what is being their.Like most people who visited our stall would say why is Bluetooth not their ,Why not SDIO Interface not provided,Why not Ethernet connectivity….etc .Please do not get me wrong .Products would have been made with some thorough analysis of feature set

Summary : What has been made yesterday is very difficult to sell today .Who exactly knows what is needed tomorrow

Instance 6 : More than forty Visiting cards in my bag.

Over all we had approximately around 250 visitors for past three days .Since almost all our key chains ,pens has been completely exhausted and i have around 40 Business cards who wants something out of our Product for them as takeway .I hope we get more Business from these Conferences.

Instance 7 : White Rice and Pulav

Food served was at least should be considered below standard .I could never ever think organizer’s of such big event who takes lakhs of rupees could serve White Rice in name of Pulav . FOOD SERVED WAS WORSE.

Conclusion (Please read these as my perception):
1) These conferences can bring in Brand Building of Company
2) Business Expansion through conferences .I am not sure
3) There were few knowledge sharing session.I hope those were useful. Me didn’t have chance to attend them.

Over all a nice Exposure where i got to meet lot of Business Enthusiasts and see the product from totally new angle which we might never even thought in our dream.Hope our Business grows big with this.


August 16, 2007


In the eve of Independence we happened to have a discussion in our office breakout area about this topic with regard to COST and COMPETENCE

Before starting this article of mine i would like to ask everyone .

Is Indian IT Boom because of ?


Though I agree that most people would inevitable choose “A” .I would still insist on Competence .Yes i do agree we started with the cost centre attitude to set up a platform to build our competence and now if we see we have become soooo competent enough in our own field that we see lot of budding entrepreneurs in the field each works .

Ex :- 1) 10 in Every Batch of IIM pass out have been opting out of lucrative offers from IIM’s
2) 1 in 100 working in IT firm wants has his own entrepreneurial dream

We are seeing the paradigm shift in recent past when the value of rupee is growing higher compared to Dollar.Though i consider it more a matter of PRIDE, most individual’s are considering it as REDUCTION in margin of profit.
For that matter at some places there are even plans of making of working for more than 40 hrs a week.Don’t get me wrong that i do agree that Business understand only one word “PROFIT” .Is working extra the only way of making more profit? .Can’t we have our own Business empire like building Operating systems ,making compilers.Lets make the better products in world and try to be more profitable by just updating the serial numbers and making more money through the royalties rather than working for more than 40 Hrs.Tomorrow when another country comes up with same cheap labor, todays 40 shouldn’t get converted to 100 hrs .How long will this rat race exist. Lets stop this right here.
We need to make use of Knowledge and Technology in order to make India a super power instead of just the cheap labor .Lets leave these to somebody else who is more fighting for this share of bread.I don’t deny that India has not improved economy with these cheap labor .But lets not leave through out on this. We have used that as a stepping stone for something better .Lets all be more innovative and bring in more technological advances to bring in necessary change to change the world.

Change has just begun .Here is one of them which is worth mentioning. Google changing its way of working in India wherein they have Board of Angels (BOA) who will invest in new India generation .

Band of Angels Help Indian Start Ups

Read more here below




“SUCCESS ” Surround yourself (virtually) with positive, optimistic, and supportive people

August 7, 2007

This was one of the article i got into my mail box which talks about what it takes to be successful. Most often we feel that we are alone on our journey of success? Are we surrounded by mostly negative, pessimistic, or otherwise nonsupporting people? Make a change for the better — surround yourself (virtually) with positive, optimistic, and supportive people.This is about personal experience about a person by name Bruce Jenner and his success steps.


Bruce Jenner (1949 – ) earned the title of “World’s Greatest Athlete” by winning the gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal.

Success is overcoming adversity. Jenner grew up terrified of reading due to dyslexia, but he says his struggles with the reading disorder helped him learn to overcome adversity. “I firmly believe that deep in their soul everyone has a champion that can overcome obstacles and do great things.”

Success is hard work. “You have to work hard at things to be good,” Jenner says. When preparing for the Olympics, he trained six to eight hours every day for four years.

Success is loving and pursuing what you are good at. Jenner does appear to have the aptitude for athletic ability. Jenner writes in his book, “By the time I turned two, I’d already developed a big chest, wide shoulders and boundless energy, prompting my dad to nickname me Bruiser.”

Success is mostly in the attitude. “I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.”

Success is moving forward. Unlike many who go downhill after their 15 minutes of fame, Jenner’s success in life continues to this day. Besides an Olympic gold medalist, Jenner is known to millions as a motivational speaker, TV personality, sports commentator, commercial spokesperson, entrepreneur, actor, producer, and a terrific father of ten children.

Success is being a positive role model for others. Jenner leads by example. He wants his kids to take their health seriously, so he eats healthy meals.

Success is not in what you do, but how you do it. Jenner teaches his kids how to meet goals and free their harshest critic and best cheerleader: the champion within. “I don’t care what arena kids choose to play in – sports, music, school, figure skating – I encourage my kids to find something in life to get excited about when they wake up in the morning.”

Success is remaining humble. When asked how he would like to be remembered, Jenner states he would like to be remembered as a good parent.

Success is found in good advice. “Start early and begin raising the bar throughout the day.”

[Sources: http://brucejenner.com, http://iparenting.com, http://abilitymagazine.com]

Past ,Present,Future Outlook to my Life

July 30, 2007

This is Raghavendra BG , most known to everyone in Life around me with nick name Raghu or BG .No I have no idea why Raghavendra BG the name given to me by my parents πŸ™‚ . Yeah let me start with my past .

Past : I was born in middle class family with lot of values in my life .Not knowing what i wanted to be i started my schooling .Though used to get good grads in school never knew what is it that i wanted to become in my life .See a Pilot i used to fly Fighter Planes in my dream .See a Scientist i started inventing drugs in my dreams ,Seeing Doctors suddenly used to have a stethoscope πŸ™‚ . Hope most kids grow like this .This is how i grew up .But as i grew older may be passion for me to become doctor gradually dies down (may be i had seen both my elder brother and elder sister becoming Doctors) . Seeing such thick fat books and there hard work i realised that was not my cup of Tea .Finally Life continued and passed out my X and plus two with good grads .Wanted to get into job ASAP .So choose to be Engineering in E&C .

Present : Engineering is where i really thought should do something in my Life .Had a burning desire in my Life to do something. I wanted no better than best job .Here also i studied my engineering for my job . I completed engineering ,got into good company (PHILIPS) …big name in those days in 1999-2000 .So Life dream satisfied with my first job in big company like Philips . I worked very hard during those days .Knew nothing other than work ,kind of become workaholic.I owe lot to philips esp when it comes to my learning in those days apart from the monetary benefits .But after seven years somehow things have started changing .Me started leading a complacent Life .Not knowing whats my real passion in life was .Was it just work ??

Future : Now me again back to square root of one . I feel have got lot of good things very early and with very less struggle .Say it more money , Car ,Assets ….etc .Is this reason people become complacent .I am not sure .But i know for sure i am here for achieving something in my life .What i still don’t know .But know for sure I can do something Big .Big enough to have my own unique Identity in this world .This is where i am starting my Future with past as reference.Everyones future should begin with past of achieving something big .



Hello world!

July 30, 2007

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