Past ,Present,Future Outlook to my Life

This is Raghavendra BG , most known to everyone in Life around me with nick name Raghu or BG .No I have no idea why Raghavendra BG the name given to me by my parents 🙂 . Yeah let me start with my past .

Past : I was born in middle class family with lot of values in my life .Not knowing what i wanted to be i started my schooling .Though used to get good grads in school never knew what is it that i wanted to become in my life .See a Pilot i used to fly Fighter Planes in my dream .See a Scientist i started inventing drugs in my dreams ,Seeing Doctors suddenly used to have a stethoscope 🙂 . Hope most kids grow like this .This is how i grew up .But as i grew older may be passion for me to become doctor gradually dies down (may be i had seen both my elder brother and elder sister becoming Doctors) . Seeing such thick fat books and there hard work i realised that was not my cup of Tea .Finally Life continued and passed out my X and plus two with good grads .Wanted to get into job ASAP .So choose to be Engineering in E&C .

Present : Engineering is where i really thought should do something in my Life .Had a burning desire in my Life to do something. I wanted no better than best job .Here also i studied my engineering for my job . I completed engineering ,got into good company (PHILIPS) …big name in those days in 1999-2000 .So Life dream satisfied with my first job in big company like Philips . I worked very hard during those days .Knew nothing other than work ,kind of become workaholic.I owe lot to philips esp when it comes to my learning in those days apart from the monetary benefits .But after seven years somehow things have started changing .Me started leading a complacent Life .Not knowing whats my real passion in life was .Was it just work ??

Future : Now me again back to square root of one . I feel have got lot of good things very early and with very less struggle .Say it more money , Car ,Assets ….etc .Is this reason people become complacent .I am not sure .But i know for sure i am here for achieving something in my life .What i still don’t know .But know for sure I can do something Big .Big enough to have my own unique Identity in this world .This is where i am starting my Future with past as reference.Everyones future should begin with past of achieving something big .




3 Responses to “Past ,Present,Future Outlook to my Life”

  1. Srikanth Eswaran Says:

    good luck for starting off buddy! hope to see something unique from your pages!


  2. Himanshu Sheth Says:

    Hey BG,
    Couple of questions:

    >> So Life dream satisfied with my first job in big company like Philips . I worked very hard during those days .Knew nothing other than work ,kind of become workaholic.
    So don’t you work hard these days? Just kidding 🙂

    Everyone has a dream and may be sometimes we all need to take some extra effort to achieve at least a part of that dream and this is where you would see that you are already nearing to achieve this dream!!!

    Small baby steps would make a big step so have a small change and that would scale you to larger heights 🙂

    Some changes to be made in your blog and that would discuss(but after the office hours).

    Also,it is nice to see that at least someone has taken up blogging especially considering the advantages it has in today’s world…

    Your first test would be : To update this blog,be it with whatever content you have since,all these things also require PASSION and slowly(& steadily),you would find that you have created a CHANGE ecosystem !!!

    All the best for your dreams(but dream with your eyes OPEN since this is what you have to fulfill)!!!

    -Himanshu Sheth
    (Blogger at

  3. Himanshu Sheth Says:

    Thanks for adding my blog to your BlogRoll 🙂

    -Himanshu Sheth

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