Sense of Satisfaction

Today was really exhilarated .Guess Why ? .After almost 1.5 years of hard work finally am able to see a product with our SOC (System on Chip). More over few team which worked to make this SOC were rewarded a player for the contribution. Though its not a great product from the feature list what you could see in any other commercially available device in market ,it provides a sense of satisfaction that after years am able to see the product for which core has been developed by us .Only people who would have worked in Product Domain could understand what it means in seeing a product for which you write the software .Ball has really started rolling ……….Wish we make Big Business out of this …


3 Responses to “Sense of Satisfaction”

  1. Rashmi Raghavendra Says:

    Atlast you are receiving fruits for all the hard work done(late night outs, weekend work outs….). This was the project which started alongside our marriage as old as our marriage,which is going good and strong 🙂

    Hey Rashmi ,
    Did u mention good and strong for the marriage or for the project . If its for marriage well and good .But not for project 🙂 please. Rough road is still ahead

  2. Rithesh Says:

    Congrats Raghu, I am sure its a wonderful feeling. Also once you start getting those customers feedbacks, it will the icing on the cake. There will be no better satisfaction than that. Anyways congrats again and keep going.

    Also nice to see that you have started blogging more often these days :).

  3. raghavbg Says:

    Yeah customer feedback is vital in any product development .If your customer do not perceive the product the way it has been thought about whole school of thought is in drain .Lets c what customer has to say abt our product .

    Regarding Blogging part Rash had been to her Mom place .so could find sometime for scribble my feelings 🙂

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