God Save people from Bangalore traffic

Recently had been to chennai for some project discussions .Distance between Bangalore and chennai is approximately around 257 km . It took me around 20 minutes to chennai by flight . Airport to house is approximately around 20 km . You may be surprised to know that it took around 2hrs 30 minutes by taxi. I took taxi at around 5:35 pm and reached home at around 8:00 pm .Over and above i have to hear this Taxi drivers gyan (who always drives on wrong lane :-)) complaining about people not following traffic rules .I fear this infrastructure will never improve for next few generation .I pity all those people who commute on Airport road everyday .Bangalore Infrastructure improvement shows me no great improvement in near future. God Save people from Bangalore traffic


6 Responses to “God Save people from Bangalore traffic”

  1. Wellwisher Says:


    Please write about your experiences from which others can learn. You are narrating your taxi drive. Doesn’t help anyone reading your blog.

    I visit your blog expecting something useful. That way one can writes pages and pages about one’s, personal experience.

    wellwisher 🙂

  2. raghavbg Says:

    Dear Well wisher ,
    Thanks for your inputs on this article .Next time would try to give my view on this .I personally didn’t want to write lengthy stories on “How to improve Infrastructure ” becos these things are beaten to death discussion .Nevertheless your point would be taken into consideration for my next articles.

  3. Rithesh Says:


    You are lucky. Its quite usual for me to get stuck in traffic for 2 hrs these days. Cant help it but i spend 3 to 4 hrs in the bus everyday. I dont even sit on my office chair continuously for half an hour. Thanks to your office (Manyata Park) i spend close to half an hour at that two signals. I am just waiting for the new Zune player that my friend has promised me to get, so that i can see movies on it while traveling.

    A frustrated bangalorean

  4. darashikoh Says:

    Chennai traffic is relatively more manageable than Bangalore traffic. However these days ……with more and more people migrating to Chennai …..its slowly going the way of Bangalore.

    The prime advantage of Chennai is that we have a robust metro system here which takes 60% of the transport of passengers. A very good public transport system is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for any city of the size of Bangalore. The current BTC system does not scale up to that demand.

  5. Raghavendra BG Says:

    Rithu ,
    Yes its true that after our office has shifted to Hebbal i am really being abstracted from traffic of Bglore .Zune player is supposedly not sooo great player.If u are buying one, u shud go for IPOD -video .

    Rajiv ,
    Yeah completely agree chennai traffic far far better than Bglore .Feel density of population in Bglore has really outgrown as compared to chennai .Yeah i don’t know in Bangalore ppl consider below dignity travelling in Public transporation.Mind set of ppl shud change.

  6. Srikanth Eswaran Says:

    So BG,

    What are your opinions about changing the traffic pattern in Bangalore? Thats what I wanted off this post! Anyway, happy posting. And perhaps you can look at http://www.Nammametrotales.com/blog for more!


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