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August 16, 2007


In the eve of Independence we happened to have a discussion in our office breakout area about this topic with regard to COST and COMPETENCE

Before starting this article of mine i would like to ask everyone .

Is Indian IT Boom because of ?


Though I agree that most people would inevitable choose “A” .I would still insist on Competence .Yes i do agree we started with the cost centre attitude to set up a platform to build our competence and now if we see we have become soooo competent enough in our own field that we see lot of budding entrepreneurs in the field each works .

Ex :- 1) 10 in Every Batch of IIM pass out have been opting out of lucrative offers from IIM’s
2) 1 in 100 working in IT firm wants has his own entrepreneurial dream

We are seeing the paradigm shift in recent past when the value of rupee is growing higher compared to Dollar.Though i consider it more a matter of PRIDE, most individual’s are considering it as REDUCTION in margin of profit.
For that matter at some places there are even plans of making of working for more than 40 hrs a week.Don’t get me wrong that i do agree that Business understand only one word “PROFIT” .Is working extra the only way of making more profit? .Can’t we have our own Business empire like building Operating systems ,making compilers.Lets make the better products in world and try to be more profitable by just updating the serial numbers and making more money through the royalties rather than working for more than 40 Hrs.Tomorrow when another country comes up with same cheap labor, todays 40 shouldn’t get converted to 100 hrs .How long will this rat race exist. Lets stop this right here.
We need to make use of Knowledge and Technology in order to make India a super power instead of just the cheap labor .Lets leave these to somebody else who is more fighting for this share of bread.I don’t deny that India has not improved economy with these cheap labor .But lets not leave through out on this. We have used that as a stepping stone for something better .Lets all be more innovative and bring in more technological advances to bring in necessary change to change the world.

Change has just begun .Here is one of them which is worth mentioning. Google changing its way of working in India wherein they have Board of Angels (BOA) who will invest in new India generation .

Band of Angels Help Indian Start Ups

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